6 Simple Breakfast Hacks to Make Mornings Easier


Don’t let the first meal of your day be the most stressful.
Simply Potatoes has compiled a list of family-friendly
hacks that will make breakfast a breeze.

  1. Hot off the iron: When you’re in a rush, try cooking hash browns in a waffle iron. It cuts cook time in half and no flipping is necessary.
  2. Reuse, reduce, recycle: Repurpose an empty ketchup bottle and use it to store pre-mixed pancake batter. The no-drip spout makes for a no-fuss cleanup, plus you can make fun shapes with the batter!
  3. Don’t be a rotten egg: Want to know if your eggs are still fresh? Fill a bowl with cold water and place the egg(s) into the bowl. If they float, don’t take any chances and toss them out. If they lay sideways on the bottom, they can be enjoyed. And if they stand up on one end, you should plan to use them soon.
  4. Get ample shut-eye: Look for overnight dishes that allow you to prep the night before and pop into the oven the next morning, allowing you to go about your morning in a non-chaotic fashion.
  5. Low & slow: Similar to overnight recipes, slow cooker dishes allow you to throw in every ingredient and let it stew, giving you a hot, delicious breakfast that’s ready to be dished pronto.
  6. Microwavable bacon: Using a microwave-safe dish, layer bacon between paper towels and microwave on high power for one minute per each slice of bacon. Get the same crunchy bacon you love minus the grease splatters. It may seem wrong but it tastes so right!