How to Pick Out the Freshest Produce 

Understanding what to look for in vegetables and fruit can save you time, money and help you spot them in their prime - so you don't end up having to toss out last week's grocery or farmer's market run. 

Blog_1200x300_Produce.jpgPhoto Credits: "vegetables market" by markus spiske is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Thankfully, we've compiled a list of what to look for the next
time you stroll down the produce aisle. 

Bell Peppers: Peppers should be firm, smooth and heavy to the touch. Feel free to shake one gently; if you hear seeds rattling around, the pepper is past its prime. 

Corn: Look for green husks; brown husks should be avoided. Peeling back the husk, kernels should appear plump. Fresh corn should be cooked and served shortly after being purchased. 

Cucumbers: As with peppers, you want to select firm cucumbers as they will last longer in your fridge. 

Mushrooms: If you're purchasing packaged mushrooms, make sure the container is tightly sealed. If mushrooms appear to be slimy or wilted, avoid. 

Onions: Look for heavy onions with dry skin that show no signs of spotting. If an onion appears to be sprouting, avoid. 

Potatoes: It's simple. Stroll down the refrigerated aisle and look for the green packages of Simply Potatoes. Available in many varieties! 

Spinach: Fresh spinach will have a rich, dark green color and crispy leaves. Try to avoid leaves that appear to be limp or wilted.