Snap A Delicious Recipe Photo

Admit it: when your food looks, smells and tastes ahh-mazing, it deserves to be captured and shared! Here are a few fundamental tips on how to up your food photography skills and capture swoon worthy photos with your smartphone


·       Good lighting is key, and should always be as natural as possible. Open those curtains or blinds and let natural light fill the room!
·       Avoid using your camera’s flash, as it may lead to a harsh, overexposed photo.

·       Try capturing your delicious meal from a bird’s-eye view (aka overhead). This can be as simple as standing up or even using a chair with great caution(!) to create that perfect distance.
·       Use your phone’s landscape feature to capture every appetizing inch. Work negative space to your advantage to help draw the viewer’s attention straight to the dish.

·       Let your recipe take center stage by minimizing clutter or other distracting additions.
·       Don’t be afraid of a little mess making its debut in your photo. Capturing the surrounding work surface adds just as much character to the photo as the final product itself.

·       Keep filters to a minimum – there’s no need to mask out the delicious final product.
·       Try tinkering with contrast to make colors and textures really pop.