Weekend Brunch Tips

If it's your turn to host brunch at your humble abode this year, fear not. We know you've already squared away the main dishes, but what about the minor details? We've gathered together some ideas to help you pull off the best family get-together yet. 


Don't handmake it- fake it: Not every dish has to be made from scratch. Save yourself time by picking up Simply Potatoes Traditional Mashed Potatoes. Made with fresh, never frozen potatoes, whole milk, real butter and cream, it's a shortcut you'll feel good about, and your guests will be asking "What's your secret?"

Go the simple route: Serve up smaller dishes – like a veggie or cheese tray – that don't require constant supervision, and allow you to add the finishing touches in the kitchen or around the dining room table. 

Keep crowds at bay: If you plan on hosting the whole family, strategically set your house up to manage the flow. Keep finger foods and other snacks out of the kitchen to prevent unwanted lingering, and set up a 'kids-only' table to let the grown-ups mix and mingle. 

Think buffet: Instead of passing each dish around the dinner table, free up prime real estate by setting up the grand fest buffet-style. Guests will have the liberty to pick and choose their meat, sides and can get refills as they need. It will also cut clutter and make room for table settings, drinks and that adorable centerpiece your niece or nephew made.

Labels are everything: Spare guests with food allergies, vegetarians and picky eaters the hassle by creating DIY food labels to inform your guests of each ingredient. Recruit your kids to assemble the labels while you tackle the bigger items on your to-do list. 

Old dog, new trick: Don't get stuck with all of the leftovers. Send guests home with a helping or two of the big feast in doggie bags or recyclable tupperware. It'll free up your fridge and not leave you with a week's worth of leftovers.