Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are made from fresh potatoes and have never been frozen. We do not recommend freezing them and can not guarantee the quality if you do so. 

If you do freeze and thaw the product, moisture or collecting water and possible sloughing of the product is expected. The mashed potato texture will possibly change and have a grainy texture. In addition, if the product is prepared on a grill or deep fried, then the final fry color will be darker or the product may burn. 

Red potatoes are almost always adversely affected by freezing, and the final product attributes will be unacceptable in appearance, texture, and flavor. It is strongly recommended not to freeze red skin products.

If the Simply Potatoes® product has been kept refrigerated at less than 40°F and the package was re-sealed well, it will be good up to 3 days after initially opening. We do not guarantee the shelf life of an open package that has been stored for an extended period of time.

If a Simply Potatoes® package is opened prior to the "Use By" date, but quality seems questionable (i.e. sour odor, gray product, mold growth) - DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT. The old adage, "when in doubt, throw it out" holds true on almost all refrigerated food products. Simply Potatoes® refrigerated potato products are produced under tight food safety and quality controls; however product can be abused unintentionally once it reaches the store level. This can contribute to product not meeting its "Use By" date guarantee. If you have purchased product that did not meet your expectations, please call or write Customer Service to receive a coupon for replacement product.

The Simply Potatoes® mashed potato tray is number seven recyclable. The cardboard sleeve is also recyclable.

We would like all stores to carry all of our products. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. We recommend you express your interest to your local grocery store manager.

Our ingredient list tells the story! We use only the best ingredients like real butter, milk, and half and half. With these high-quality ingredients we've created convenient potato products with the great homemade taste you love.

Red potatoes tend to have a lower specific gravity, which means they contain a higher ratio of water to solids than a Russet (brown) potato which has lower ratio of water to solids. The Red potatoes contain more sugar than the overall make-up of a Russet potato, giving Red potatoes a sweeter flavor.

There are two likely explanations for this phenomenon. Red potatoes that have been recently harvested have a very thin skin set. As the product moves through our processing facility, some of this thin "red" skin can slough off, leaving the layer underneath exposed which has a browner appearance. 

Secondly, the red color of the potatoes can vary based upon the variety of Reds and the soil conditions where they were grown. Potatoes grown in sandy soil conditions tend to have a lighter color, sometimes mistaken for a pale brown color.

Milk Protein: All of the Simply Potatoes® mashed products contain one or more dairy components. These ingredients are clearly marked on the label.

Sulfites: To maintain freshness, Simply Potatoes® retail products contain bisulfites that can elicit an allergic reaction in hypersensitive individuals. All retail packages are carefully labeled on the ingredient deck indicating that the product contains sulfites.

Gluten: All Simply Potatoes® varieties have been confirmed to be gluten free. 

The Nutritional Facts panel lists the nutrient content of the unprepared Hash Browns. Since there are numerous ways to prepare them (i.e. Margarine, Butter, Oils, Cooking Spray), we leave it to our customers to choose the preparation they are most comfortable with in their diet.

All of these ingredients are used to ensure you have a fresh, safe and high quality product.

Potassium sorbate is used as a mold and yeast inhibitor. This ingredient is also in yogurts, cheese, meats and other refrigerated potatoes.

Disodium pyrophosphate prevents discoloration of the cooked potatoes and is used in almost all refrigerated potato products.

Sodium bisulfite is used to maintain freshness.

Xanthan Gum - a food additive used in our retail potato products that helps the mashed potatoes stay bound with their liquid content as they cool.

All Simply Potatoes® mashed and cut varieties have been confirmed to be gluten free. 

On rare occasions the skins or the "eyes" of potatoes manage to get through during the cutting and sorting process in our plants. There are both machine and visual inspections to filter them out, however, errors may occur. Neither skins nor “eyes” are harmful to your health; though we do understand discovering them may be surprising.

Unless otherwise instructed, Simply Potatoes does not recommend baking certain products because it tends to dry out the potatoes, reducing the overall quality of flavor and texture. For best results, please refer to the recipe’s cooking instructions to ensure the proper cooking method is applied.

It is a USDA recommendation that you do cook them before consumption. There could be some bacteria in the product that might not be removed until fully cooking it. Simply Potatoes does not recommend eating them raw, especially the mashed potatoes as they are made with fresh dairy.

Some of the ingredients on our packaging may list ‘spice’ or ‘spices’ without labeling the spices individually. By specifying which product you’d like to receive more information on, this will help to narrow our results. Please use our contact form to request more information.

Yes. We are proud to say that all of our products are certified Kosher.